Somatic Movement Clinic

Somatic Movement

Somatic movement is a multi-modality therapy that can support a client’s unfolding and emergent process through therapeutic presence, bodywork and movement, trusting and following the inherent wisdom of the bodymind in its return to wholeness and health.

These practices can include touch, talk and movement, and may utilise applications of Somatic Psychology, Therapeutic presence, Developmental Movement and Embodied Anatomy

This client led embodied expression may be physical, emotional, psychological, or energetic and can be supported in a co-creative exploration of movement patterning and re-patterning, embodied anatomy and relational touch.

My practice is informed by my training in Somatic Psychology and contemporary understandings of neurobiology and traumatic stress and also by the guidance I have received in my twenty year personal process oriented practice and the discipline of Authentic Movement.

A more detailed description of these practices and their application is given by my teacher Linda Hartley in her article Embodying the Sense of Self

Somatic movement testimonials

“I found the sessions very helpful. My understanding of what I experienced is related to trauma. I do feel very safe, contained and held by Mel whether online or in person. She is very highly attuned to what others embody and carry physically and how this is interconnected holistically and how this affects us and our way of being in the world.  I find the depth, breadth and integrated nature of her knowledge an absolute joy and to work with her is transformative.  In my experience this is very rare.”

 “As a practising psychotherapist this particular experience felt much more helpful in that it was immediate, deep and integrated.  This usually takes longer to happen in talking therapy.  For me this is very therapeutic work and my knowledge and experience of therapy supports me in this practice.”

“I found the somatic practices very powerful. I was able to connect with my body on a more nuanced level which felt quite deep. Even just being witnessed in my movements was very powerful and brought up some deep feelings.   This experience helped me to integrate earlier childhood experiences and how they may have impacted (and still are impacting me) physically.  “

“I have been struggling with trying to recover from what I describe as relational trauma. I have been in therapy for a long time and somehow for myself the channel of ‘ talking’ has lost his healing power   and I can see that I could keep talking about this painful situation for hours but without creating any shift in my state of mind and level of suffering. I have found the sessions really helpful “