Anatomy teacher and trainer


I am a trained educator (level 4 Certificate of education and training) and have taught Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology to bodyworkers for a decade. I teach with a passion for the wisdom, intelligence and poetry of the human body. I am passionate about sharing understanding of the human body teaching Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology to Level 5 Reflexology students through Reflexology Academy

I have developed workshops and CPDs integrating contemporary understandings of the body with our embodied experience.

I offer modifiable workshops (more or less movement or theory) with themes around:

  • Introduction to embodiment of the Nervous System
  • The Cranial Nerves and Polyvagal Theory
  • Introduction to Developmental Movement Patterns.
  • Embodied Anatomy of the Pelvis, Spine and Cranium,  and Ribs ( a three part workshop)
  • Introduction to Fascia and Biotensegrity
  • Women’s Health

What students say

“Thank you for another bind blowing day! The ordinary in all its extraordinariness.. polarity! You are such an inspiring teacher.” 

“Mel’s enthusiasm for anatomy and how the body works is contagious. it’s this passion that brings the subject mater to life in a way that is compelling, insightful and thought provoking”

“Mel always captures our interest through her use of examples related to everyday things that we can understand. She always references our different learning styles and tries to use different learning approaches”

” there was often difficult subject matter and Mel was confident in explaining everything patiently in a way I could understand”

“Mel has been so helpful to me in all aspects of the course. I struggle academically, and for this , Mel has been a core of strength for me and kept me engaged and interested. I have needed Mel for questions on homework on MANY occasions and she has always got back to me very promptly and happy to give help and guidance. For this, I am so grateful.”

“its wonderful to be taught by someone that genuinely loves the subject matter and Mel’s enthusiasm for the subject is quite contagious ( although it still blows my mind how much info Mel has stored in her brain box). I have really enjoyed the different approaches to learning such as interactive activities, visual aids and I am 100% behind the humour”

“Mel is very approachable and is always willing to help with homework prioritisation or recap key information as many times as necessary to ensure everyone ‘gets it'”

“Mel always responds very quickly to any questions or concerns. Her feedback is thorough and useful. She is always caring and understanding of students and their needs. She is totally approachable- in the past Id always felt a bit embarrassed to ask questions of tutors but from the first session Mel was able to put my mind at ease”