Somatic Movement therapy

Mel Softley
Bsc (C
hem), Pgdip, Yoga (BWY), CET (4), Cert (IBMT) Embodied Developmental Psychology

I trained in Somatic Movement Therapy with Linda Hartley and have completed the IBMT diploma  , and am currently assisting on the IBMT diploma program.

I have a regular practiced of Authentic Movement and Therapeutic Presence, one of the core modules of the IBMT diploma, alongside modules in Somatic Psychology, Developmental Movement Patterns and Embodied Anatomy. Working mainly with Linda Hartley since 2015 and on a regular basis since that time.

I hold membership with ISMETA and adhere to their codes of ethics.

On a professional level this training has supported me in my teaching of human movement patterns in yoga classes and embodiment workshops. The training has given me a lens to witness movement expression, what is emergent, where an individual may need resourcing, and approaches to process and practices that can be offered to clients in co-creative enquiry.

The training  offers a powerful map for personal process and professional practice. The somatic approach allows for multiple levels of conscious and unconscious material to be engaged through the body rather than the mind. It delivers theory, practice and experience in the inter and intra personal domains of talk, touch and movement. This investment and exploration invites integration on multiple levels.

Yoga and Yoga Therapy

With 20 years’ experience teaching yoga, movement & anatomy many disciplines inform my work, which focuses on slow exploratory movement & informed alignment awareness, & includes meditation & breathing practices. I weave together Scaravelli approaches to yoga with micro movement re-patterning reorganisations of Feldenkrais and fold in some Somatic Movement approaches to mind, body and emotional awareness. I  also utilise the neuromuscular reorganisational practices of Hanna Somatics within my yoga practice, as a verbal teaching in classes and with hands on support in private sessions.

Understanding and educating clients around anatomy is key for clients to develop their own self support in movement awareness and  understanding the pathways they need to explore to re-establish balance. Anatomical awareness can be delivered through dialogue and through touch based awareness.
I have experience of working with a wide range of conditions. This includes Stress,/Parkinsons,/MS/ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia, Joint and back problems, hypermobility, Stroke, IVF/ Infertility/ Women’s health and with people in all stages of cancer treatment. I can adapt beneficial movement and awareness practices for all levels of mobility including for those in wheelchairs.

My knowledge of anatomy and physiology enables me to have an informed understanding of the experience of dis-ease. But whatever the condition we work with the whole person to re-establish our fundamental connection to health.

Anatomy &Physiology

I have been teaching A&P for a decade for Reflexology Academy and love to share my passion for the body and  its intelligence and wisdom. I have developed a number of CPDs and embodiment workshops delving into the poetry and wonder of facia, the nervous system, the skeletal system and much more