Restorative yoga in Crouch End


Restorative yoga is a nourishing practice that includes mindful movement and supported stillness and meditation in postures.

This beautiful practice fosters compassion and gives you deep rest and renewal to support your wellbeing in health or illness.

Practices include simple movements of the joints, gentle stretching and alignment to move energy in the body. A deeper awareness of the breath is facilitated to enable the body to rest in supported postures and meditation.


I always feel calm, peaceful and ‘alive’ after my Monday night yoga class. I have been coming to Mel’s therapeutic yoga class for many  years now and have noticed considerable benefits to my overall wellbeing.  I’m particularly pleased that in the last few years I have not suffered my usual lower back problems, and have not had to visit an osteopath.   I have been to three other yoga classes before and enjoyed them, but have stayed with this one as I think that Mel is an exceptional teacher. The classes are small and friendly and she relates to each of us on a personal level. Mel is always aware of our particular needs or difficulties and adapts the poses for each of us accordingly.  Namaste! Lisa

“I’ve done yoga (more off than on) all my adult life with different teachers. Mel’s restorative class has become a priority in my week- I wouldn’t miss it. It’s helped me move more confidently and flexibly after a back injury. The benefits are not just physical – yoga helps me stay on an even keel. 

Mel is a brilliant teacher. She has a gift for making me feel I’m getting individual attention in a class and concentrating on what I do in a creative and encouraging way.” Carmel