Private yoga classes in North London

Private yoga tuition in Crouch end, Muswell Hill, Hornsey, Highgate, Stroud Green and surrounding areas

One to One yoga is the most effective way for you to address therapeutic concerns or to develop a powerful, individual and adaptable resource for maintaining general wellbeing.

Other advantages include developing  a routine  that is regular, adaptable, held safely and fits in with your own schedule


1 hour at student’s home:     £60.00

1 hour at Haelan Centre:    £75.00

Studio space can be arranged for an extra £17/hour

Charges can be negotiated with regard to: ability to pay, my travelling time, number of sessions booked.

Therapeutic one to ones

I have worked on a one to one basis with people who experience a wide range of conditions. This includes  Stress, MS and Parkinsons, ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia, Hypermobility, Joint and back problems, Stroke, IVF/ Infertility/ Womens health and various cancers.

But whatever the condition or pathology we work with the whole person to re-establish our fundamental connection to health in the body.

“I was recommended Mel by my Osteopath, after suffering a chronic lower back and groin injury. I had limited movement for many months and needed a teacher who understood how to work with injury and who instilled confidence. One-to-one yoga was favoured because I had specific requirements in terms of improving my mobility and getting fitter. Previous non Mel-yoga sessions had left me feeling intimidated, sore and bemused.

 Mel has proved to be pragmatic, patient, flexible (in the mental sense, the physical goes without saying!), knowledgeable and empathetic. She has this almost alarming ability to read my body and know exactly which way to take the lesson. The sessions vary in content, making them interesting and creative and the bonus for me is that having one-to-one’s is practical for my lifestyle.

 My core strength has never been so good, my back & groin pain have all but dissolved and physically I’m in a really good place. Two years on I’m getting gym fit and Mel’s lessons continue to provide the foundations for a better physical me. I can’t rate her highly enough. ”  C , London N22

 ” I have found Mel to be a really supportive yoga teacher, able to identify the best exercises for me and very patient with my slowness at times in understanding the purpose and implications of the yoga practice she has introduced me to. Throughout the three years I have been working with Mel she has been unfailing kind and concerned for my well being and health. I have enjoyed  the sessions and though not a yoga natural [ too much in my head] I have appreciated how she has gently taken me forward.”  CMR, London N6

“When we got in touch with Mel to arrange some one-to-one sessions, I had recently had a stroke, and was finding it hard to adapt to a reduced level of activity. I was capable of reasonable physical activity, but was tense and tired. The sessions I had with Mel combined different relatively undemanding postures, breathing and some contemplation. After each of the four sessions I felt much calmer, and quite a lot of the tension had drained away. They were just what I needed at a rather difficult time.”  Norman  London N8