Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Testimonials

Mel teaches in a way that makes me feel immediately at ease whatever state my body finds itself in. She manages to organise each sesssion in such a way that seems to deal with whatever issue my body currently has! And watching her demonstrate and explaining the poses and how our bodies work is always fascinatiang and inspiring.” Alankar

“I have been coming to Mel’s yoga class for the last five years. I try never to miss a class because the way she teaches is so beneficial to me on a physical and spiritual level. Mel’s clear instructions and knowledge help to guide each individual and the group through an inner awareness and subsequently a deeper connection to the poses. As a person Mel is very alive and consciously engaged in the real world but is also a guide to other ways of being. The world is a better place for her being here.” Diana


‘I have found yoga very strengthening and grounding. In inner yoga we do various almost pilates like stretching which works very deeply and successfully. I enjoy the relaxation/meditation at the end it never feels long enough. I would have no hesitation to recommend.’  Faith


“My journey into Yoga with Mel Softley has been for me a transformational experience. It has given me an appreciation and depth of understanding of my body that was absent before my practice. It has enriched my life and also improved my health and general well being. I now cannot conceive a life without Yoga in it. Mels teaching contains for me, the right balance between spirituality and exercise that enables you to embark on a practice at your own pace and depth. It is a deeply enriching experience and one that I would highly recommend.”  Amanda