Community Testimonials

 I’ve really enjoyed the community classes at Ambler. Unlike other yoga classes I have attended the atomosphere is friendly and relaxed. Mel talks us through the practice and gives us individual attention based on our own particular needs. Combined with the creche facility, the classes have given me an enormous physical and mental boost. It doesn’t feel like hard work and I leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. 10 months after my C Section my core strength is back to pre pregnancy and my flexibility is even better. Thank you for making me feel human again!         Nadia


“Despite being fat and fifty, I’ve being going along to various classes for 8 years and although still ‘no warrior’, I have never felt better. I’ve tried them all, hatha, iyenger and pilates but its only when I got to Mel’s class did I find a class that’s a joy to attend (rather than oh gawd it yoga tonight). I love the non competitive nature, the amalgamation of all the other classes I’ve ever attended and the only one I leave with my soul at peace. “ Michele