” When I started my journey with yoga it was an immense feeling of relief, both in my body and spirit. I felt this as a homecoming. ”

From her original teacher training in the intuitive style of The Inner Yoga Trust in 2003, Melissa has drawn from a wide range of influences in her yoga.

Asana influences are mainly teachers who have worked with Vanda Scaravelli, and her principal teacher is Sophy Hoare who she has worked with on a one-to-one basis since 2006.

Her range of studies is extensive and non dogmatic. In addition to trainings in yoga therapy, meditation and pranayama her additional studies span from modern understandings of anatomy , neuroscience and embryology through to ancient practices of Tibetan Healing Yoga (Kum Nye), Sanskrit, Vedic chant, Ayurveda and yoga philosophy. And extends to all movement modalities including Feldenkrais, Pilates, Somatics and Body Mind Centering on the way!

“There is a real joy in the way modern science is increasingly validating ancient wisdom practices. Whilst yoga is my passion I often find that by stepping into other practises it illuminates my understanding of yoga and helps me to see, every time, how complete, holistic and potentially transformative yoga is.

Everybody is capable of movement and yoga practice should be achievable whilst still being challenging for every individual regardless of their health and flexibility

I like to teach small groups and individuals as I find its the only way to transmit  this teaching so that students can really feel it. This also respects the uniqueness of each individual, where they are in their body and where they are in their level of understanding.

As well as teaching yoga Melissa loves to share understanding of the human body through teaching Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology to Level 5 Reflexology students through Reflexology Academy